About NBCares2Help

NBCARES was first created in 2005 after seeing the need for a community calendar. The acronym NB CARES was named as such because we all do care, but I believed we can do even more if we combine forces and work together. I likened each individual group as a spoke of the North Brookfield Community wheel, and if solidly if connected and reinforced, our small town would be part of a powerful tool. We already benefit from the work of our many volunteers, but as a cohesive entity we could accomplish so much more.

At the time, advertising the activities was limited to the local newspapers and school notifications. The calendar would also help prevent overlap which in turn would increase participation. Bi-weekly emails were sent to 380 North Brookfield families highlighting not only upcoming meetings and events, but important resources. Involvement did indeed grow.

Unfortunately, my responsibilities with work, grad school, and national addiction advocacy did as well. Lori Ryel, who took over NBCARES soon went back to school and changed her career. Social media entered the picture and NBCARES faded away.

All the reasons I created NBCARES almost 20 years ago still exist. Events posted in Facebook disappear quickly into the multitudes. Communication is more important than ever and I hope a reviving the community calendar will be a good start. Having all the town organizations in one place will also enhance participation.

Your help is needed to make this website a success. I need information to be sent directly to SueLewandowski@NBCares2Help.org  when you create flyers or social media posts.